Scientists have found the missing baryonic matter

Scientists have found the missing baryonic matter

Two independent groups of scientists have found evidence of the presence of baryonic particles of matter linking galaxies.

There was a problem with the birth of the big bang theory. The calculation of the amount of a normal substance that must exist did not reach the calculations. Lacked as much as 50%! Since then, researchers have tried to explain this shortage. The main theory was that there are threads of baryonic matter in the space between galaxies, which cannot be fixed by conventional instruments.

To circumvent the inability to see, the teams studied the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect — the light that remained after the scattering of the Big Bang passes through a hot gas and is measured in the cosmic microwave background. To do this, we used information from the Planck satellite, sent in 2015, to form a map of positions in which baryon threads may be present. Each group chose a pair of galaxies for study and added up information. The process was repeated for several pairs to eliminate errors. As a result, they were able to reveal evidence of theoretical threads between galaxies. In one group they are three times denser than the average value of the observed matter, while in the other - 6 times. The difference is due to differences in distance.

The groups claim that their data confirm the presence of the missing baryonic matter, which means that the riddle can be considered solved.

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