A giant alien ship trying to hide in a cloud over the Philippines

A giant alien ship trying to hide in a cloud over the Philippines

The famous UFO hunter Scott S. Warding posted on his blog a message stating that an alien spacecraft had tried to disguise itself in the clouds. The picture shows a bright cloudy sky with rainbow light scattered through the atmosphere.

Conspiracy theorists point to a large, round and translucent object. They believe that this is a UFO using a special masking device. The author noted the beautiful colors and round edge of the disc. He believes that the phenomenon in size covered at least 500 m. But some experts were skeptical about the find and do not believe that we have evidence of an alien visit. Nigel Watson, the creator of the UFO Handbook, says that this is just a play of light and features of the perception of the human eye.

Watson believes that this is the effect of a sunset, forming an amazing halo that just resembles a flying saucer in shape. And he does not understand how the author could determine a clear size of 500 m, if he did not take into account the size and dimensions of the cloud itself. Therefore, encourages fans of foil hats not to panic and treat the message as skeptical as possible.

The most likely interpretation is apofenia - recognition by the brain of specific patterns in various formations. That is, if someone hints that the form resembles a UFO, then the brain will catch hold of the news and begin to see the same thing.

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