New clear details are revealed in stunning fresh photos of Ceres

New clear details are revealed in stunning fresh photos of Ceres

As the latest images show, NASA's Dawn spacecraft is starting to get closer to the dwarf planet Ceres.

This photograph, taken on May 23 from the orbit of the spacecraft from a distance of 3200 miles (5100 km.), Shows a landscape at a resolution of 480 meters per pixel, reveals craters and craters craters — craters formed from collisions with space debris. Especially, it should be noted the obvious horizontal lines of craters or ravines that appear throughout the field of view.

After these observations were transmitted to Earth, Dawn approached the surface of the dwarf planet with the help of its ion engines and began the second part of the topographic survey of the surface of Ceres from a distance of only 2700 miles (4400 kilometers). Despite the fact that these observations can only be preliminary, used for navigation purposes, we are waiting for what we can see on Ceres in the coming weeks and months while Dawn continues to explore this mysterious world.

Personally, I cannot wait to look deep inside the crater of Ceres, which contains two strange luminous spots, still eluding direct scientific explanations. Probable deposits of ice, mysterious white areas, will be deeply studied, until scientists come to a satisfactory explanation of their true identity and origin. In short, research is just beginning.

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