The Eiffel Tower rises above the Sun

The Eiffel Tower rises above the Sun

In his yard in Ostersund (Sweden), a professional photographer and astrophotographer - Goran Srend - looked at the Sun using his portable solar telescope. He wondered if something interesting was happening there. And, of course, the answer was positive. Something incomprehensible towered above the star disk ... Something similar ... to the Elven Tower ?!

No, this is not the famous landmark of Paris and this is not Photoshop, as many might have thought. These are characteristic structural features of the sun.

“This small formation immediately attracted my attention. And even looking at the 50 mm lens of the telescope, the spectacle was indescribable,” said Goran Srend especially for Discovery News in e-mail correspondence. "After when I tuned the device, I realized that there are some similarities with the Elfiva Tower in Paris."

The Eiffel Tower rises above the Sun

Replacing the 50 mm lens with 80 mm and connecting the telescope to 3 specially equipped cameras, the photographer took 300 pictures in a row, and then connected them together, resulting in a bewitching Sunny portrait. The final picture was compared with the size of the Earth, so that you can feel the full scale. Following a very rough guess, the photographer concluded that the total diameter of the Sun is equal to the seven diameters of our planet.

Prominences are structures of magnetized plasma, which periodically erupts from the chromosphere of the Sun and lingers at a certain distance from it. The released plasma in the solar disk can have a temperature in excess of a million degrees Celsius, which is a hundred times higher than the temperature inside the chromosphere.

Prominences regenerate visible light and, therefore, they can be easily detected, although you need to have special equipment, for example, a solar telescope. (NOTE: Never look directly at the Sun. You can get serious eye injuries, and in the worst case - lose your eyesight).

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