The Mars InSight mission arrives at the launch site.

The Mars InSight mission arrives at the launch site.

Personnel serving the NASA InSight Mars mission load the spacecraft into a C-17 cargo carrier based at Buckley (Denver) to ship to Vandenberg Air Force (California) Air Force Base. The device was created in Colorado by representatives of the company Lockheed Martin Space

On March 1, 2018, the InSight spacecraft arrived at Vandenberg (California) Air Force Base from Denver. The launch window opens on May 5 and lasts until June 8. InSight will be the first mission that plans to explore the interior of Mars, as well as listen to tremors and measure the thermal power of the planet. It will also be the first planetary apparatus launched from the West Coast.

In preparation for the launch, you will need to pull InSight out of the shipping container. Next week, the engineers will start the main job. It is important to conduct all the necessary tests and pay special attention to the flight system, as well as to the associated scientific instruments and ground data system. Preparation is always an important step, because you need to load fuel, and check the functionality of the entire system. After filling, the ship will be checked for balancing. These data are needed to make sure that the entrance and descent into the Martian atmosphere will pass as planned.

InSight will launch into the space aboard the Atlas V-401 rocket from the 3E missile complex at the Vandenberg Air Force base. The device uses a seismologist, catching shake. This will display the deep interior of the planet. Waves pass through geological materials at different speeds and reflect boundaries. Thus it will be possible to determine the structure and composition of the internal space of the Red Planet.

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