Rocket Lab rocket goes into orbit

Rocket Lab rocket goes into orbit

Last year, Rocket Lab launched the first rocket launch from a new base in New Zealand. Then the rocket went into space, but did not get to orbit

Representatives of the aerospace company Rocket Lab reported that on January 21 they were able to successfully launch a rocket into orbit for the first time from a new base in New Zealand.

The Electron rocket took off from Makhia (east coast of the North Island) and after 8 minutes was on the orbital point. This is a carbon-fiber model, pulled out by 17 m, which delivered the satellite through a planetary survey of the American company Planet Labs and two weather-tracking devices for Spire Global. Rocket Lab is based in New Zealand, but positions itself as an American company. Its goal is to create an opportunity for frequent launches to low Earth orbit using various technologies for the rapid and economical deployment of the payload.

The launch of Electron will cost $ 4.9 million per flight.

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