How important is inspection?

How important is inspection?

Due to its diversity in terms of models and price policy, a vehicle has long become an ordinary comfortable means of transportation, and not an imaginary luxury. Of course, this does not apply to vintage models or expensive cars, which among the owners are perceived rather as a work of art. Having your own car gives the driver freedom to move. This eliminates the need to use public transport, which is often overloaded and does not shine with service. And if necessary, it is used as a good vehicle for travel, allowing you to make stops near the sights you like.

However, it is important to understand that the road is a great danger. Everyone thinks they are a professional driver, but slippery roads, bad weather, pits, ignoring or not following traffic rules, driver fatigue and inattention, as well as random factors lead to accidents. Every day there are collisions, both with severe injuries and fatalities. We can not predict the actions of fate, but we can create a system that could guarantee compensation for damage to victims. Thus, a CTP policy appeared for registration of which cannot be dispensed with a diagnostic checkup card

What is CTP? First of all, it should be noted that this is a mandatory policy, without which the driver is prohibited by law to appear on the road. He regulates the compensation of damages and damages brought by the driver to the second persons (transport and passenger life). In essence, this is civil liability insurance, eliminating the need to compensate for the damage caused. Of course, this does not apply to those moments when you broke your own car. To sign a policy, you must obtain a vehicle inspection card. This is another important document confirming that your vehicle has been tested and complies with all safety standards. The card has a validity period and upon expiration it is necessary to repeat the maintenance.

Naturally, the design of any document is a long and often problematic process that requires free time, which the modern working person practically does not have. To simplify the procedure, you can use the services of the site that provides diagnostic cards for online inspection. How it works? On the main page you need to click on “get a card” and fill out all the proposed forms. If you have any questions, you can always contact the operator. This is a formal procedure and is issued without the participation of intermediaries, which eliminates the need for additional payment.

You fill out the form, and the site sends a request to the POT station, where your vehicle will be waiting. After payment of the service will receive a response to the e-mail about receiving the card. How to diagnose? The site has partner stations (technical inspection points). All of them have been accredited and their actions are consistent with the law.

To get a card you don’t even have to go somewhere. After verification, the expert will make his decision and send you an email. The blank will arrive in pdf format. It can be printed out or you can give the card number to the EAISTO database. Application time usually takes 5-60 minutes. It is important to understand that this is a mandatory procedure, because it is impossible to issue an OSAGO without a diagnostic card, and the law prohibits even driving a car from a car dealership to a home or place of registration without a policy. Payment for the service can also be carried out remotely using a bank card, electronic wallet, Internet bank, terminal or simply transferred from a mobile phone. But the simplest option is to use the ready-made form on the site. It is only necessary to enter the state number of the car, the amount of payment, the method of payment and click on the “transfer” tab. After that, your phone number will receive a message confirming the payment code, which you need to enter in the appropriate box. If you have any questions, you can read a detailed description of the procedure on the site or contact the manager online.

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