The giant planet darkens the star

The giant planet darkens the star

The new study deals with a giant gas planet that is 50 times the mass of Jupiter. A dust ring is concentrated around it, and the orbital passage makes around a star that is 1000 light-years distant.

A researcher at the University of Warwick, Hugh Osborne, noticed that the light of a rare young star is periodically overlapped by a large object. He believes that the whole thing in the undisclosed planet. With the help of information WASP (Search for planets in a wide sector) and KELT (Kilogradusny extremely small telescope), scientists analyzed 15 years of stellar activity.

They managed to find another almost identical eclipse. They realized that they were faced with something special. It turned out that every 2.5 years the light of the star PDS 110 (Orion constellation) is reduced to 30% for 2-3 weeks. Two notable eclipses revealed in November 2008 and January 2011. During these periods, the light changed very quickly, which means that the object has a ring system that exceeds the size of that located on Saturn. If we are talking about the orbital planet, then the next event is expected in September 2017. The star is so bright that everyone can connect to the observation.

If the calculations are confirmed in September, the PDS 110 will become the first ring system with the calculated period of orbital rotation. Observation will provide an opportunity to study the structural features and, possibly, mark the planet and its satellites.

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