Israeli spacecraft is preparing to launch on the moon with a "passenger"

Israeli spacecraft is preparing to launch on the moon with a

Israel Aerospace Industries General Manager Ofer Doron speaks to the media during the presentation of a space probe, which is supposed to fly to the moon in early 2019

Israeli scientists are preparing to launch the first ship in the country to the moon, added a special “passenger”. The organizers decided to include in the flight a time capsule of three digital disks with a thousand files. Carriers contain children's drawings, images of Israeli symbols, a flag, songs and a story of a Jew about the Holocaust.

One of the founders of SpaceIL, behind the launch, compared the time capsule with the prayers on a piece of paper that are put into the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem (one of the holiest places for Judaism). It is expected that the 585-pound ship will be sent in the coming months, although the exact date is not announced. The organizers are hoping for February.

To start using the Falcon 9 rocket company SpaceX Ilona Mask. Delivery will take several months. Start will make from Cape Canaveral in America. The cost of the project is $ 95 million. Most of the funds came from private philanthropists.

Israeli spacecraft is preparing to launch on the moon with a

There are thousands of files in the time capsule that will fly to the moon on an Israeli spacecraft, including children's drawings, Israeli songs and a Jew's story about the Holocaust

With a budget of $ 10 million

The organizers believe that the successful completion of the mission will be presented not only by the first Israeli lunar explorer, who landed on the Moon, but also by the first private ship. Israel will be the fourth country to land on Earth. The space probe will measure the magnetic field to better understand the history of the formation of the moon. The data will be sent to NASA.

The project began as part of Google's Lunar XPrize, which in 2010 offered a reward of $ 30 million to motivate scientists and entrepreneurs to create an inexpensive lunar flight scheme. The competition expired in March, but the Israeli team decided not to stop. Of course, no one thought that everything would go so far, because the initial budget covered only $ 10 million, and the ship should not exceed 5 kg in weight. 8 years have passed, and we have a project worth almost $ 100 million.

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