Engineering Survey

Engineering Survey

Human evolution is seen in many aspects of development. If we take the ancient world and compare it with the modern one, we will see a completely different picture, which differs both in the tools of labor and in the habitats. At the first stages it was enough to find a cozy cave in which you can make a fire and hide from predators or bad weather. With the development of speech, people tend to create housing with their own hands, and not rely on the gifts of nature. So the first wooden huts appear, to which clay and dirt are later added to make them stronger and warmer.

Concrete, familiar to us, appeared only in 1844, but even before its active use, monumental structures such as the pyramids, the Great Wall of China or the Colosseum are found, which continue to stand for centuries and even millennia without succumbing to total destruction. How did the ancient builders do it? Of course, a huge part of the work lay on the draftsmen, choosing the material and designing the structure itself. But they could not do without the services that in our time are called engineering-surveys, the features of which will be revealed by source.

What it is? The construction of any building (residential object, office, shopping center, etc.) includes certain stages of work. Firm-developer focuses on the creation of drawings, design, selection of specialists and other executive points. Then they choose a place to build, but they cannot start their work until they receive a document authorizing it. That is why you have to apply to a special engineering research firm, such as InjGeoPat. What are their functions? You, for sure, could see videos on the Internet, where huge buildings just crumble into pieces or their roofs are torn down, the foundation fails, although these are completely new buildings. Why are they out of luck? Because they are built in an unfavorable place or in violation of safety rules. Engineering surveys represent a combination of research and assessment of the impact of natural and man-made factors on the creation of various types of facilities. That is, there is no point in building a huge entertainment complex if the soil under it is weak and it collapses in just a month.

Engineers of the company receive a task from the customer and study the location chosen for construction. Then make a whole package of documents. They can determine the place as completely unsuitable or make recommendations on the choice of materials, area, etc., in accordance with the characteristics of the soil, the presence of underwater waters and other factors.

Their functions include several categories. First of all, there is a process of studying geology. Engineers consider the composition, characteristics, age and condition of the soil. It is important to remember that the instability of the earth in the selected location can lead to landslides, collapses, debris and the formation of karst craters (voids). This is the initial stage, information about which will allow the designer to choose the right type of foundation, whose stability is related to the characteristics of the soil. Environmental surveys reveal surface and groundwater and offer a full description of the environment. It is important to initially identify possible threats to a particular territory. Researchers also provide recommendations for improving the situation.

At the geodesy stage, engineers obtain all the necessary information about the state of the relief, the availability of communication systems and other lines in the selected area. As a result, the customer receives a topographical plan of the site and a technical report with which you can choose the most optimal construction method.

If necessary, the company can drill wells (artesian and sand). Moreover, the work includes drilling, pumping before the appearance of clean water, finishing and preparation for use (careful analysis of the quality and choice of the purification system). Company services will also be needed for those who are planning to buy a ready-made building or house. Inspection will help to check the structure for strength, heat insulation, the presence / absence of defects, as well as the legality of the documents. Thus, you will be sure that you do not get a cat in a bag and you can be calm about your safety and comfort.

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