Rare solar eclipse in the USA

Rare solar eclipse in the USA

For the first time in a century, America will once again survive an amazing solar eclipse, rubbing between the coasts. The previous event happened in 1918. It is expected that on August 21 the Moon will rise between us and the Sun, forming a shadow. It will stretch 113 km from Oregon (west) to South Carolina (east) and will cover 14 states.

In this area live 12 million Americans. Surprisingly, the United States will be the only country that will manage to admire the total eclipse. Therefore, the arrival of foreign tourists is expected.

You can see the same thing, as the NASA spacecraft is going to observe the event, more than 50 balloons and astronauts aboard the ISS. This is the first event that is going to be viewed from many angles. The following is expected in 2024. It stretches from Texas to Maine. NASA will also broadcast in real time. Of course, do not forget about security measures (you can not look at the sun without protective equipment).

This is a total solar eclipse, so you need special glasses. Eyewitnesses can be immersed in the night for a short moment.

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