Will the Great Attractor Absorb Us

Will the Great Attractor Absorb Us

At a distance of 250 million light years there is a mysterious large-scale and mysterious structure that attracts us to itself. We are talking about an amazing and frightening gravitational anomaly, which in the scientific world is called the Great Attractor.

What are we dealing with?

The Great Attractor is believed to be a giant supercluster of galaxies living in intergalactic space. The center is located in the constellation of, and its mass reaches about quadrillion solar (15 zeros).

Such massiveness makes the Milky Way and about a hundred thousand other galaxies move in the direction of the Great Attractor. But what happens if we get there?

How did you guess about the existence?

Will the Great Attractor Absorb Us

Location of the Great Attractor

Repeating from the fact that the universe space began to expand since the Big Bang and grows at a speed 2.2 million km / h. Then it is logical to assume that all galaxies are moving with such speed. But no!

Thanks to the study of relic radiation in the 1970s. it was possible to create the first detailed maps of the cosmic microwave background. Surprisingly, one side of our galaxy was warmer than the other. This oddity did not match the view of universal homogeneity. The difference was incredibly tiny, but it could not be ignored.

Further research has shown that the galaxy is moving towards the constellation Centaurus when accelerating at 600 km / s. A few more years passed and it became clear that many neighboring galaxies were moving in a single direction, as if they were attracted by something.

Gravity comes into play

Will the Great Attractor Absorb Us

If there is an expansion, then the galaxies should move away from each other. It would have been if it were not for the powerful gravity. It is she who is trying to push us against the Andromeda galaxy, which will happen in billions of years.

Researchers believed that the Supercluster of the Virgin draws us. However, it holds 1300 galaxies and this is not enough for such an attractive force. But why just can not look at the sky and find the cause?

Invisible Zone

All the fault of avoidance area. The fact is that we consider the galaxy and the Universe not from the outside, but being inside the Milky Way. And it is precisely our galaxy, or rather the Milky Way band that blocks the view. Thus, the whole 20% was hidden from observation, hiding behind stars, dust and gas cloud structures.

It was possible to circumvent the obstacle with the help of X-ray and infrared surveys (without clear photographs, but at least something is visible). It turned out that behind the avoidance zone there is a cluster of the Nagonik (next to the Great Attractor), and even further, the Chappel Overspeed (650 million light years).

Great Attractor Found

Will the Great Attractor Absorb Us

Lanikeya Supercluster Structure and Location of the Milky Way

The galaxies are grouped in clusters, and they are concentrated in superclusters until we get even larger constructions, like the Laniakeya galactic supercluster. It is in its center that our mysterious and attractive Great Attractor resides. So before us is not a specific object, but center for the attraction of everything else (a certain location). There are a couple of interesting theories. Some people think that this is the place where dark energy merges. Others believe that this is a point for a Large compression. Yes, it is here that all existing galaxies with matter should rush, after which all will end. Perhaps this is a supermassive black hole.

Is there a threat?

Researchers believe that the Great Attractor will not swallow us. Now we are moving in his direction, but the speed of 600 km / s is only 20% of the speed indicator at which we are threatened with absorption.

Even the most large-scale structures in the end should fall apart. Therefore, the magnificent Laniakea will not last forever. The expansion will take us further and we (fortunately) will not meet with the Great Attractor.


There are still many mysterious places hidden in the universe and we are glad that with the development of technology we are able to reveal more and more mysteries. No one can accurately explain the nature of the Great Attractor and all theories are based only on the amount of data obtained. Perhaps the new information will reveal the truth.

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