Engine Error Delays Boeing Capsule Test

Engine Error Delays Boeing Capsule Test

In 2016, Cape Cavaneral (Florida) installed a supporting structure for the Starliner spacecraft from Boeing, whose first flight was postponed until 2019

An engine error observed during the Boeing Starliner launch pad test delayed the test flight until 2019. The purpose of the capsule is to transport people to the ISS. The problem is related to failures in several interrupt engines that did not close as planned and allowed to leak.

John Mulgolland, vice president and program manager for commercial crews at Boeing, is confident that they have managed to find the root cause. Now technicians are engaged in corrective actions, continuing to make small changes to the design. This means that the first manned test flight will be transferred to the middle of 2019. It was originally planned at the end of 2018. Boeing and SpaceX are developing spacecraft to deliver astronauts and restore US access to the ISS. This opportunity has been lost for start from the American earth after cancellation of the program of shuttles in 2011. On the first flight while we are not talking. A report published last month reported that it is unlikely that these companies will be able to deliver astronauts to the station in 2019, which will lead to a suspension of American access to the ISS.

The United States bought space for NASA astronauts aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft ($ 80 million for space) until November 2019. While it is believed that Boeing and SpaceX will not be able to cope with the task before this date due to various delays in the certification of programs.

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