The ocean is hotter than ever. What happens to the Earth?

The ocean is hotter than ever. What happens to the Earth?

Now the maximum ocean temperature is observed for the entire time of the research. And this is not normal. The new report shows that the heating of ocean water reached its peak in 2018 since the precise measurements that began in the 1950s.

A study from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in China shows that the growth of heat in the World Ocean from 2017 (the previous record holder) to 2018 equates to a 388-fold increase in total electricity production in China in 2017.

The temperature of the ocean to a depth of 2000 m was calculated using data from various measuring instruments. Among them is Argo - a set of free-floating instruments that measure temperature and salt concentration in water. Scientists believe that the rise in temperature mark - the fault of man.

Measuring ocean temperature is a good way to assess the impact that human activity has on a home planet. The fact is that the overwhelming amount of heat trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is absorbed by the oceans.

This situation may have far-reaching consequences. As the water heats up, the temperature and humidity of the air also increase, which risks leading to an increase in both the intensity and duration of storms and heavy rains. In addition, this will be followed by the melting of sea ice, which leads to a rise in sea level and flooding of coastal areas. In water, higher temperatures can reduce oxygen levels, leading to dead zones, where plants and animals cannot survive. If in our century the surface of the ocean warms to 2 ° C, then 99% of the world's coral reefs will be discolored, and therefore they will not be able to withstand diseases.

New data should serve as a warning to governments and the general public, since global warming is not a myth. In addition, warming affects not only the environment, but also affects the economy and public life. Interestingly, another study modeled the ocean temperature with a large time span. It turned out that the figure since 1871 increased by 426 x 10 21. These figures are 1,000 times the annual energy consumption of the entire planet.

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