The secret of the creation of Jupiter is revealed.

The secret of the creation of Jupiter is revealed.

To create such large planets as Jupiter, mother nature has its secret recipes. And it seems that scientists were able to uncover them.

The mystery lies in how the nuclei of such planets as far from the Sun as Jupiter and Saturn could wrap themselves in giant gas blankets, instead of moving inwards in the early stages, thereby reducing their growth.

Let's turn our attention to the planet Jupiter.

Complicated computer simulations have shown that the release of energy released from a planetary embryo triggers the ebb and flow of gas and dust caused by the gravitational pull of the sun.

Previous computer models did not take into account the forces of ebb and flow. This was announced in an electronic correspondence by an astronomer of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Frederick Masset.

This idea arose in connection with the study of sets of stars located in the center of the galaxy. Frederic Masset reports:

"A couple of years ago, at a seminar in Texas, I was asked by those present:" Can the brightness of the light of stars in AGN (active galactic nuclei) affect their migration? "

Initially, I assumed that this did not matter, but later realized that even small asymmetries in a hot disk near the planet could potentially have an effect due to ebbs and flows. That is why I decided to investigate the role of heating due to the bombardment of planetary migration. "

"We have uncovered a new secret that is so necessary for understanding the architecture of the solar system," said astronomer Martin Duncan, an astronomer at Queen’s University in Canada. Masset added: "This study is only the first step. It proves that the heating process is significant in migration scenarios."

With the study itself, you can find in the publication "Nature".

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