Alien life is not obliged to copy earth conditions

Alien life is not obliged to copy earth conditions

NASA scientists, hunting for evidence of extraterrestrial life, question all the usual criteria that play an important role on Earth. Some believe that other forms of life live in completely different from our conditions, so you need to overestimate the markers, which are oriented in the reviews.

Until now, researchers have focused on scanning stars in the search for atmospheric oxygen signals - a key element in the development of terrestrial life forms. But what if the alien mind thrives in an atmosphere with a low oxygen content or does all the vegetation appear in a purple color, and haven't heard about green?

The Earth is a bright and successful example of a planet replete with a variety of life forms. But no one can say with certainty that these criteria are the only true in an infinite universe and no other scenario will work.

We will not be able to go to distant worlds yet, so NASA relies on the use of powerful space telescopes. They scan the stars to detect signs of habitable planets. The main speakers are the Kepler space telescope and the future James Webb.

Alien life is not obliged to copy earth conditions

Life on alien planets can greatly differ from the earthly one

At NASA, they expect to launch James Webb in 2020. Powerful telescopes allow you to identify the atmosphere of foreign worlds, recording the light reflected by them. Different chemical compounds or biosignals in the atmospheric layer beat off different bands of light and can demonstrate the atmospheric composition and the predominant color of the surface. But now we understand that in space there can be a much larger range of biosignals that indicate life.

How then does a living planet look like? Scientists need to remain open to meeting diverse worlds, living in violet and other oddities.

Alien life is not obliged to copy earth conditions

NASA scans remote planets with space telescopes

Researchers believe that as long as we do not take into account all possible options, we will not have a clear answer regarding the existence of alien life.

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