Russian cosmonauts performed a walk into space

Russian cosmonauts performed a walk into space

Atlantis spacecraft docked with ISS (right) and Soyuz (left) in 2011

On February 2, Russian cosmonauts managed to remove the old electronic unit as part of the program to upgrade the antenna on the ISS. He was thrown overboard.

Commander Alexander Misurkin used both hands to shoot down a block on the Russian side of the orbital complex. A white 60-pound garbage can was seen over the North Atlantic.

After spending 4 hours in space, Musurkin and Anton Shkaplerov set about installing a new unit. Antennas functioned since 2000. The update will improve communication with the Russian government.

This was the second space walk in recent weeks. On January 23, two astronauts installed a new robotic arm. This week, NASA planned another exit, but had to be postponed to mid-February, as the engineers spent more time activating their hands. While astronauts dump unnecessary parts into space, NASA tries to return them inside the station. Afterwards, the garbage is delivered with a SpaceX cargo ship to burn in the atmosphere. The discarded box should also burn out, but there is no data yet when this will happen.

Misurkin will return to Earth in late February with two astronauts. There are 2 Russians, 3 Americans and one Japanese on the ISS.

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