Wormhole echoes can become revolutionary in astrophysics

Wormhole echoes can become revolutionary in astrophysics

The collision model of two black holes. The impact of two rotating wormholes will cause a similar deformation of spacetime, leaving an echo in the signal

The scientific collaboration of LIGO and Virgo helped to detect gravitational waves from the fusion event of two black holes. This allowed us to open a new era in space exploration. But what if this ripple was created not by black holes, but by other exotic objects? A team of European physicists believes that the cause may be wormholes.

Scientists have identified the existence of black holes from various experiments, theoretical models and indirect observations. But there is a problem, namely the event horizon - a feature from which nothing can get out. This is contrary to quantum mechanics, whose postulates guarantee the safety of information.

One of the theoretical methods of struggle is to study the possibility that there are exotic compact objects like wormholes that do not have an event horizon.

Both detectors recorded a “jingle” corresponding to the last stage of the confluence of two black holes and endowed with attenuation due to the presence of an event horizon. If it were not there, the oscillations would not disappear completely, and after a while they made a series of echoes. What if we did not face black holes, but wormholes? Then you need to look for echoes. This possibility was theoretically investigated by several groups, but the verdict is not yet convincing.

Rotating Wormholes

A model from the Catholic University of Leuven predicted what gravitational waves created by the collision of two rotating wormholes might look like. These objects are devoid of the event horizon, and therefore theoretically capable of acting as a kind of "pipe" to another universe.

The graphs of the new model are not very different from those obtained earlier. Here only echoes act as a clear differentiating element. If the echoes confirm LIGO and Virgo, this would be irrefutable proof that astrophysical black holes do not exist. Scientists continue their research and hope to make the greatest discovery in the history of physics.

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