ArianeGroup is forced to cut jobs

ArianeGroup is forced to cut jobs

ArianeGroup stated that they faced stiff competition from American space companies

The European aerospace and defense firm ArianeGroup plans to reduce 2,300 jobs by 2022, as demand for orders is expected to fall, and the development of a new rocket is nearing its end.

The company said it faces tough competition from US space companies, whose business is supported by a large volume of institutional orders. ArianeGroup will reduce without replacing employees who retire or retire.

Ariane working missile carries out orders for the European Space Agency. ArianeGroup also engaged in the release of ballistic missiles. The Ariane-5 missile will soon be replaced by the Ariane-6 model, which will be 40% cheaper. It is important to recall that such changes are caused by the activities of the private company SpaceX Ilona Mask. However, European customers have so far ordered only 3 Ariane-6 missiles before the planned launch in 2020. Other countries, like India and the United States, prefer their own space companies and close markets for foreign competition. The American firm is now placing more missiles in orbit than the European one. It got to the point that one of the representatives of the ArianeGroup trade union declared: “The Americans decided to kill the European space industry”, and accused the Europeans that they decided too late to support Arian-6.

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