Scientists have discovered four terrestrial planets

Scientists have discovered four terrestrial planets

Scientists managed to find four planets near Tau Ceti that reach Earth in size. The star was removed for 12 light years and can be found without the use of technology. Planets by mass exceed the Earth 1.7 times. Two of them are super-lands located within the boundaries of the habitable zone.

They were able to be noticed only thanks to the vibrations of the star. Therefore, we had to use sensitive instruments capable of tracking changes at a speed of 30 cm / s.

It is believed that the outer planets may have the necessary conditions for life. But around the star wander large asteroid debris, which reduces the chances of living organisms. The star was followed in 2013. Then the researchers decided to invent a new method that would help determine the difference between the signals of the planet and the star. Now it is possible to distinguish stellar activity at different wavelengths.

During the development, it was possible to increase the sensitivity and eliminate two extra signals. But the star strongly hinted at the presence of four rocky planets. Solar stars are considered the most important objects, because they remind us of our activity, and therefore may have livable worlds.

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