“Earth of the future” shows the future of NASA

“Earth of the future” shows the future of NASA

In the new Disney film "Future Earth", the plot will directly touch NASA.

The plot of the film was inspired by a theme park founded by Walt Disney in 1955.

"The earth of the future can be a wonderful era. Our scientists have already opened the door to the space age, to the discoveries that will allow our children and future generations to reach it," said Walt Disney 60 years ago.

But this is not the future that Casey Newton (actress Britt Robertson) is facing at the beginning of the film "Earth of the Future". Casey is the daughter of a NASA engineer and all her dreams are about flying into space. However, unfortunately, it finds the dismantling of the launch pad 39A (the shooting took place on the operating platform of NASA - at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, from which the astronauts went on space flights for three decades).

“The film begins with the dismantling of the launch pad, which can be understood differently,” said Bert Ulrich, NASA coordinator for this film, in an interview with collectSPACE.com.

Casey is trying to fix her future - and she begins with the fate of the launch pad. She meets with inventor Frank Walker (actor George Clooney) in a fantastic future that Disney first introduced and then brought to life by director Brad Bird in his film. Most of the film is framed using computer animation. In this case, the shooting took place on this launch pad, which was used by NASA for a long time to launch spacecraft.

“For many of us who have worked on this film, NASA and its mission are close to our hearts,” Byrd said.

The launch pad support towers 39A still stand safe and sound, unlike the 39B platform and the version that was used in the film. Now these towers are rented for 20 years by SpaceX, which plans to organize tourist space flights.

Thus, despite the fact that the launch pad has remained inactive for a long time, namely, since the launch of the Atlantis spacecraft in July 2011, the film crew witnessed and could see the present future of NASA - the launch of a robotic spacecraft to Mars from the launch pad, which was a few miles away from the location.

“Even the simple observation of this process was amazing,” said John Walker, executive producer of the film. "We were able to see the launch of the Maven probe in real time from a closer distance than the journalists. It was really impressive."

"It was worth starting work on this film just for the sake of it," added Walker. Byrd agreed.

"We managed to see the launch right from the launch site, which is also the coolest scene in the film," Byrd said.

The fictional backstory of the film, which Disney released as an introduction, which began two years ago, explains that Future Earth was created as a result of the long collaboration of Walt Disney and Werner von Braun, who had long worked at NASA.

The entrepreneur and the rocket scientist performed together in a television program, where they made a promise about space exploration.

“We had a 60-year collaboration between Disney and Werner von Braun, representing NASA, and now we see the joint vision of the“ Earth of the Future ”from NASA and Brad Byrd,” Ulrich said.

Ulrich calls it an accident, but this circumstance seemed natural to Robertson.

"In my opinion, NASA represents a certain dream, which is shown in a special way in this film, we can say that it is symbolic," said the actress. "It seems to me that NASA displays a certain unknown. I think it fits this film. We also touch on this subject in the picture, because we cannot know for sure what our future will be," Robertson noted.

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