What does the Mexican Bermuda Triangle look like

What does the Mexican Bermuda Triangle look like

If we are talking about mysterious places on Earth, then the Bermuda Triangle immediately comes to mind, where the radars go crazy and ships and helicopters disappear forever. But Mexico has its own anomaly, which is called the “Zone of Silence”.

The Zone of Silence is located in the Chihuahua desert. In fact, this is a desert area in which radio signals die. Just forget about the connection. Visitors to the area say that even the compass begins to rotate uncontrollably in the hands, so it is not possible to determine the direction.

The main investigator of this zone is Benjamin Palacios, who conducts excursions to the Silent Zone and invites tourists to see for themselves the anomalies of this site. It is rumored that many secret events happened here, including the fall of American missiles and UFO sightings. But the Mexican government is trying to protect the audience from the place, so you can’t find tourist places and even hotels nearby.

For a long time no one knew about this strange site. But that all changed in 1970. On July 11, the US Air Force launched an ATHENA V-123-D rocket from a launch facility in Utah. She was supposed to be on the White Sands missile range in New Mexico, but disappeared south of the Mexican border. The military arrived at the scene and noted the abnormal behavior of the instruments in the desert. They say that they found a rocket, but since then people have become interested in the Zone of Silence.

What does the Mexican Bermuda Triangle look like

Mexico's Silence Zone

Researchers are trying to understand why this place is different from any other on Earth. To do this, study plants, animals and conduct an examination of the geological composition of the region. Since there are many secrets and riddles here, ufologists also do not sit idle and develop various theories. One of the most popular explanations is that it is a secret alien base. Perhaps, beneath the surface is a bunker or a huge broken plate, which by its magnetism knocks down the earthly instruments.

What does the Mexican Bermuda Triangle look like

Mysterious figure in the Mexican Zone of Silence

Or is it another American base that has replaced Zone 51. Then it is here that they conduct experiments on aliens and develop secret technologies. This is very convenient, because no one can track this. There is even a suggestion that this is another Bermuda triangle.

However, there is a more rational explanation. When analyzing the soil, the researchers found a lot of meteorite debris - magnetite. In fact, its location on the surface is capable of destroying radio waves and churning the metal arrow of the compasses. Moreover, in the 1990s. in the desert landed a huge variety of meteors. Fixed the fall in the 1938-1969-ies.

Ufologists think that this is only a deceptive theory, designed to divert attention from the situation with UFOs, aliens and a secret base. In any case, the Silence Zone is still a mystery and an attractive destination for tourists.

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