Rotating black holes are able to serve as portals.

Rotating black holes are able to serve as portals.

For giant rotating black holes, the singularity that the spacecraft will face will be extremely soft.

In science fiction, there is one of the most popular scenarios - the use of black holes as a portal to another dimension or the Universe. However, this fantasy can be closer to reality than previously thought.

Black holes are one of the most mysterious objects in outer space. Appear as a consequence of gravity, crushing a dying star. As a result, a singularity is born - the star is compressed to a point with infinite density. This red-hot and dense feature punches a hole in the fabric of space-time, perhaps opening a method for traveling in hyperspace.

It was previously believed that any spacecraft attempting to use a black hole as a portal would face death. The singularity can lead to stretching and squeezing, after which the apparatus will simply evaporate.

Flying through a black hole

The new study suggests that not all black holes are alike. For example, if we are talking about a large and rotating supermassive black hole Sagittarius A * in the center of the Milky Way, then the prospects for a spacecraft change dramatically. Indeed, in this case, the singularity behaves more accurately, ensuring a peaceful span. The reason is that inside a rotating black hole, the singularity weakens and does not damage objects interacting with it. This fact seems illogical, because is it possible to get intact through a flame with a temperature of 2000 degrees? Physicists decided to test it in theory, inspired by the film “Interstellar”. It was necessary to survive the fall into the fictional supermassive black hole Gargantua, which is 100 million times the solar mass.

Thus, it was possible to create a computer model that would capture significant physical effects on a spacecraft or any large object falling into a black hole, such as Sagittarius A *.

No damage?

It turned out that under any conditions an object falling into a rotating black hole would not experience infinitely large effects inside the singularity. Moreover, under the right circumstances, these effects can be negligible, which guarantees a relatively comfortable ride. It turns out that black holes can be used as portals for traveling in hyperspace. Previously, also did not consider one interesting feature. The effects of singularities in a rotating black hole should lead to a rapid increase in stretching and contraction cycles on a spacecraft. But for large black holes like Gargantua, the strength of this effect will be extremely small. As a result, people on the ship will not notice any changes.

But it is important to consider factors of influence. Ideally, a completely isolated black hole should be used, which is not subject to constant disturbances from the source, such as a nearby star or incident radiation. And it is difficult, because most black holes are surrounded by cosmic material (dust, gas, radiation). Therefore, scientists plan to adjust the model to reflect a more realistic black hole.

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