Aliens do not let us gravity?

Aliens do not let us gravity?

Truth hides somewhere in space. And we hope that in the whole Universe, apart from us, there are still intelligent beings. But the lack of evidence is disappointing. A recent study made an interesting assumption: that if aliens living on distant worlds simply cannot make space travel because of the gravity of their home planet?

Scientists have found many exoplanets. Most resemble Jupiter, and some Earth or less. There are those that are located in the middle (about 10 times larger than the Earth).

If there are aliens, then why not visit us?

Researchers believe that life can be hidden on super-lands. If earthlings learned how to build rockets and explore the universe, then aliens also had to master these skills. But there is an opinion that they are hampered by powerful gravitational traction. It keeps the alien spacecraft from escaping. To launch an analogue of the earth Apollo on the super-earth, its mass had to reach 440,000 tons due to the fuel requirement. Analyzes show a lot of difficulties when running from similar worlds. Scientists have even calculated the size of the rocket needed to escape from the super-earth, which is 70% wider than our planet and 10 times more massive. Such is Kepler-20b, distant from us by 950 light-years. On it, the escape rate should be 2.4 times higher than the earthly indicator. That is, the inhabitants of such a world are simply its prisoners.

Fuel is the main barrier

The weight of the fuel carried by conventional rockets is one of the main problems for aliens in the world, like Kepler-20b. That is, they need to use rockets that do not depend on chemical fuel in order to escape into space. A potential option would be a nuclear spacecraft.

But it's aliens! Do they have no new technology? Unfortunately, now we can only guess and greedily peer into the sky in search of at least some signals from intelligent life.

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