Hurricane Matthew damages the roofs at the NASA descent center.

Hurricane Matthew damages the roofs at the NASA descent center.

Fortunately, the hardware key at Cape Canaveral was not damaged.

Hurricane Matthew struck NASA's Missile Launch Center at Cape Canaveral on Friday. Because of this, there were power outages and roof damage. Thus, a strong wind pretty patched the coast of Florida, - said the US space agency.

However, rockets, spacecraft, and major equipment for the US space program and private companies (such as SpaceX) remained intact.

“While many facilities at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) suffered damage, they mainly consist of damage to the integrity of the glass, the roof, water penetration, impacts on modular buildings and exterior cladding,” Sarah Loff wrote on the website of the space agency.

“At present, there is no evidence of damage to the flight hardware.”

Earlier officials reported “limited roof damage” along with scattered debris and power outages. NASA reported that the worst of the storms was near Cape Canaveral at 9:45 in the morning.

About an hour before (around 8:30 am), Category 3 hurricane Matthew rushed past the NASA launch pad just 26 miles (42 km) from the tip of Cape Canaveral, with gusting winds of up to 107 miles (172 km) per hour.

Most of the staff managed to evacuate, but the main crew of 116 people sat out during a hurricane at the Kennedy Space Center.

Their mission is to report on significant events in the Emergency Operations Center located in the Launch Control Center on the 39th complex, and to take any action necessary to maintain the facility in security mode.

More detailed information on damage assessment is expected on Saturday.

SpaceX reported that it was “closely monitoring weather conditions and working with our partners from the Kennedy Space Center and the Air Force Station at Cape Canaveral to preserve facilities and personnel.”

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