A new look at the nature of our universe

A new look at the nature of our universe

Our Universe sits on a bubble expanding into a higher dimension. This is evidenced by a new physical theory.

Like foam on the crest of an ocean wave, the observable Universe can only be a fragment located on the edge of a bubble, which is constantly expanding into a higher dimension. This idea seems incredible, but this is just a new attempt to reconcile the mathematics of string theory with the reality of dark energy - the mysterious cosmic force acting in opposition to gravity.

String theory is an attempt to unite the two pillars of the physics of the twentieth century: quantum mechanics and gravity. She argues that all particles act as one-dimensional strings, the vibrations of which determine such properties as mass and charge. The theory successfully fit into mathematical formulas and for a long time was perceived as the Theory of Everything.

But theorists recently seem confused because of their own assumptions. Many versions of the theory need reality to be 10 or more dimensions. That is, these are the three spaces that are familiar to us, time and many others, which are turned into an extremely difficult point. Settings of additional dimensions should determine the characteristics of the Universe that we understand.

In the early 2000s. scientists realized that string theory allows for up to 10 500 unique universes! Then our universe would be just a tiny grain of sand. But the string theory equations created universes that lacked the dark energy found in the 1990s. and accelerating the expansion of space. This year, string theory received another hit. A group of scientists has suggested that none of the supposed universes can accommodate the dark matter known to us. And they began to suspect that the assumptions in theory are created by mathematical errors. The main problem: any universe with our version of dark energy must quickly disintegrate and disappear.

The new study decided to make virtue out of the problem. Scientists have created a model in which the process leading to the disintegration of the universes, in fact, leads to the swelling of bubbles made from a variety of dimensions. In this case, we exist on the border of one of the bubbles that are inflating, and dark energy is subtly induced by contact between the walls of our bubble and higher dimensions.

The new theory says that the moment of birth of our cosmos is the point when the bubble began to expand. Particles in the Universe are the end points of strings expanding into extra dimensions. Researchers intend to test the new model, taking into account other known aspects of physics.

Many scientists have already spoken about the new theory. It is called mathematical fiction, devoid of experimental evidence. However, adherents of string theory do not give up and are ready to develop and test new assumptions.

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