How do gravity changes affect decision making in space

How do gravity changes affect decision making in space

Scientists decided to test how people make decisions in space and whether weightlessness conditions affect. It turns out that this question should be carefully considered. When teaching astronauts, emphasis is placed on physical training and the availability of quality equipment. However, they have little understanding of how their brain will function millions of miles from Earth and how this will affect the decision-making process.

During the new experiment, the participants got the task with the generation of random numbers. A person was put on a chair at the natural level of attraction and asked to shout a random number from 1 to 9 each time the beep sounds. Then they repeated the same thing, but in a lying position with the manipulation of gravity. Sitting party calmly cope with the task. But in a prone position and when gravity changes, problems began. More specifically, the level of randomness decreased: more and more people began to repeat numbers and get lost.

Humanity is getting closer to going to other planets and creating colonies. Astronauts have advanced technology and the best equipment. However, they have not yet conducted large-scale studies on how the change in gravity affects the brain and the ability to make quick decisions in space. Scientists believe that the situation needs to be urgently corrected.

In space, you have to rely on your own experience and strength, so the ability to quickly navigate and solve everything on the spot will become an invaluable success factor for the mission and safety of crew members.

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