Do not smoke the space bong. Uncle Tyson disapproves

Do not smoke the space bong. Uncle Tyson disapproves

Listen to Neil Degrass Tyson. This guy knows what he is talking about!

If you are lucky to work on the ISS or visit this place in the future as a space tourist, then you will find yourself at an altitude of 385 km above the surface of the home planet. This is a great idea and incredible experiences that should not be reinforced with additional relaxing substances. And these are not the vagaries of the orbital station management.

The fact is that kindling fire in the oxygen-saturated environment of a space station will lead to the formation of hungry flame balls propagating in any direction, which can cause an explosion. But this is not the only problem. Details shared owner of the most famous mustache in the world of astrophysics Neil Degrass Tyson. The reason was a question from one of the journalists: “Would you like to smoke weed in space?”.

Tyson gave a detailed answer to this. The problem is that in space, literally everything is trying to destroy you. Therefore, you have to change your attitude and understanding of reality, as some actions and passions are simply not in the interests of your health. If you want to break away in this way, you will have to isolate yourself in the cabin and not go out. Otherwise, you break something. Interestingly, for several decades, NASA has struggled with attempts to drag extra vegetation onto the ISS. Thanks to an executive order signed by then-president Ronald Reagan, since 1986, NASA has been considered an over-the-counter workplace. That is, all employees are prohibited from using recreational drugs. Before work begins, a search is carried out for traces of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines and other illegal substances. In addition, astronauts are periodically subjected to random checks in order to comply with federal regulations.

The whole conversation surfaced after a reporter asked Tyson about entrepreneur Ilona Mask, who smoked his joint during an interview with Joe Rogan. It is important to note that Musk, whose company SapceX enters into contracts with the US Air Force, is now under close control over the use of drugs. But Tyson replied: “Let the man fly if he wants. After all, he is the best thing that has happened to humanity since the days of Thomas Edison. ”

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