Lonely cosmic firework

Lonely cosmic firework

A small galaxy NGC 1559 lives at a distance of 50 million light years. Here is a kind of a spiral type with a jumper, captured by the wide-angle camera 3 of the Hubble telescope. Located on the territory of the Grid.

The galaxy is distinguished by the massiveness of the spiral arms, in which the zones of active stellar birth are hidden. It is moving away from us at an acceleration of 1300 km / s. NGC 1559 mass reaches 10 billion solar, which is 100 times less than the Milky Way.

It seems that the galaxy is located next to the Large Magellanic Cloud, but this is only a trick of perspective. In physical terms, it is a loner, devoid of neighbors and not belonging to any galactic group.

Despite its loneliness, NGC 1559 is surprised by the many events of stellar explosions (supernovae), four of which were observed in 1984, 1986, 2005 and 2009.

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