Curiosity made a new selfie on Mars

Curiosity made a new selfie on Mars

NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity took a new selfie against the exposed sandstone of Windjana in the Gail Crater of the Kimberley Region on Mars.

Curiosity used the camera installed in his hand to take dozens of photos, which were then combined into one self-portrait.

This location of the rover has numerous layers of sandstone due to wind erosion.

In the photo you can see 1, 6-centimeter hole in the ledge of the rock, located in the lower left corner. This hole was drilled by the rover to check the drill. Mastcam mounted on top of the mast of a remote rover, aimed at the borehole.

The drilling samples were then analyzed using the Curiosity on-board laboratory to determine their chemical composition.

This exposure does not include the hand of the rover, which takes a photo.

NASA will hold a press conference on Monday to discuss new geological observations made by Curiosity.

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