Lisa Novak: NASA astronaut who tried to kidnap a man

Lisa Novak: NASA astronaut who tried to kidnap a man

Liza Novak could be remembered as a NASA astronaut who had been in space. Instead, the glory of the failed criminal was assigned to her.

Serving at NASA

From 1987 Novak served as an officer in naval aviation. She knew how to manage more than 30 types of aircraft and managed to fly more than 1500 hours. In 2011-m she was fired without detailed explanations from the Air Force, but it was said that the authorities did not suit her behavior and attitude towards her colleagues.

In 1996 she passed all tests and became an astronaut from NASA. In 2004, was considered a member of the crew Discovery STS-121 and two years later went to space. She was lucky to spend at orbital altitude 12 days, after which she was given the title of captain of the Navy.

At the time of the service, she lived with her husband - Richard Novak, with whom she raised three children. But she had a second life.

A novel with an astronaut

Lisa Novak: NASA astronaut who tried to kidnap a man

William Ofileyn - NASA astronaut and Liza Novak lover

For about two years, Novak had an affair with another NASA astronaut - William Ofileyny. And it began when the man also still lived with his wife. After her flight into space, the man offered to remain friends and stop the love affair. Later he will tell the investigation that Novak has become too nervous and irritable. In addition, she was incredibly suspicious. By the way, she had every reason to suspect partner of treason. One day she sneaked into his apartment and read a correspondence with Colin Shipman, who served as captain in the USAF. It turns out that the man also had a secret affair. Although they were no longer together, and Novak was still married, she decided to get rid of the second woman.

Track down an opponent

Lisa Novak: NASA astronaut who tried to kidnap a man

Colin Shipman returned home after meeting with William Ofileyny

Interestingly, Shipman did not even know about the novel by Novak and Ofileina (he only said that he was in a relationship, but they had already ended a long time ago). She went to Houston without a second thought to meet him after the flight into space and celebrate this event. But she did not know that her further return to Orlando would not be so joyful.

Novak tracked down a girl at night in the parking lot and pretended to be a lost traveler. Shipman had previously noticed a suspicious stranger and managed to close in her own car. Novak asked to bring her to the station, but was refused. At the request of the phone I heard about the discharged battery.

Then Novak snatched pepper spray and managed to splash into the slightly open window. Shipman drove away and called the police. Novak later justified that she just wanted to talk, but the set in her bag spoke of the opposite ...

Preparing for a crime

Lisa Novak: NASA astronaut who tried to kidnap a man

A gun, a knife, a steel hammer and a surgical tube were found in her bag In 2007 Novak they accused of trying to kidnap a person, hack a car, destroy evidence and beat him. All this was completed with an attempt to kill Shipman. Where are such conclusions from? To begin with, Novak was disguised, covering his face with glasses and a wig. In all hotels, she called a fictional name so that she could not be traced. Moreover, in order to get to her opponent faster and not to stop once again, she rode in a adult diaper.

But the most interesting was in bag. Upon arrest, she was found with a pistol, a knife, a steel hammer, and a surgical tube. Not much like someone who just wanted to talk in a dark parking lot.


Novak divorced her husband, but she did not go to prison. She signed a confession, wrote a letter of apology to the victim and was released on bail. From NASA she was fired, but indicated that the kidnapping story did not affect the decision. Shipman suffered a serious stress after the attack. She was so afraid that she secretly carried a weapon with her. However, after 9 years, she still made peace with Novak.

After this whole story, Ofilein had to leave NASA. However, they got married with Shipman in 2010, moved to Alaska and raise a son.

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