Ascent of the rover on the mountain of Aolid

Ascent of the rover on the mountain of Aolid

A blue dot is visible in the center - a marker indicating the position of the Curiosity rover. Photo taken on the camera HiRISE orbiter Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (June 5, 2017)

With the help of the powerful HiRISE camera, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter managed to fix the ascent of the Curiosity rover among rocky landscapes.

The mechanism is located at the bottom of the Martian Aeolis mountain and is marked with a blue dot in the image. Take a closer look and you can see it among the dark sand. The color was specially brought to saturation to reflect the differences in the surface materials of the Red Planet.

The picture was taken two months before the 5th anniversary (August 5 of this year) of the arrival of the Curiosity rover on Mount Eolid. At that time, the device was studying active sand dunes between the Eolida mountain and the Vera Rubin ridge, where scientists plan to consider bare rocks with hematite identified from orbit.

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