The crew of the ISS is replenished with three new members

The crew of the ISS is replenished with three new members

A space crew of three (American and Japanese astronauts, novices and an experienced Russian astronaut) successfully docked with the ISS to begin a 6-month mission. The picture was able to capture the Soyuz-MS-07 capsule, in which Scott Tingle, Anton Shkaplerov, and Norshishe Kanai arrived. It took them 2 days to fly.

During the period of the docking, the ISS is located at an altitude of 250 miles above Italy. Passengers who started on a frosty day from the Baikonur cosmodrome joined Alexander Misurkin, Mark Vande Hay and Joe Aqaba.

Scapler is considered an experienced astronaut. This is a former pilot who has spent a year on the ISS for two missions. In February, he will be able to celebrate his birthday in orbit. Kanai is the youngest astronaut in the history of the Japanese space agency. Usually the journey to the ISS takes about 6 hours, but the trinity spent 2 days choosing a steeper route due to the station's location during the launch period.

NASA had to stop its own manned launches in 2001 and now they use the services of Roskosmos. But America was able to increase the number of its crew to 4 people, because Russia reduced the crew to 2 to save money.

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