Russia is set up for space tourism

Russia is set up for space tourism

The astronaut is able to go beyond the limits of the ISS. Soon tourists can also join it.

Russia plans to send the first tourists to the ISS and conduct a space walk. Analysts say that many rich people are willing to pay for such a service. The cost of travel can reach about $ 100 million.

Services include access to space and shooting on video. Rocket Energy, which launched Yuri Gagarin into space in 1961, is now updated to a new NEM-2 module capable of transporting tourists. The launch is planned for 2019. It is known that the American company Boeing is already interested in the project, ready to become a partner. With a favorable development in the year can run 5-6 tourists, and the journey will take about 10 days.

Space tourism is a developing sector dominated by Western companies. Among them is Virgin Galactic, which in 2016 presented a commercial project SpaceShipTwo.

In 2009, Russia had already sent Guy Lalibert to the ISS. Billionaire spent at the station 2 weeks.

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