New Planet Shows Rival Solar System

New Planet Shows Rival Solar System

Planets Kepler-90 have a similar configuration with our system: small planets are located around the star, and large planets are further. In the Solar System, this position hints that outer planets appear in a cooler part of the system, where water ice becomes solid.

The discovery of the 8th planet around the star Kepler-90 puts the system on the same level with us in the number of planets. We literally step on the heels. The detected object is a hot, rocky planet with an orbital period of 14.4 days. Found by Kepler telescope, detecting exoplanets by a slight change in brightness in starlight.

NASA scientists decided to train a computer to recognize the signs of an exoplanet in the light data of distant stars recorded by Kepler. Thus, it turned out to find an exoplanet missed earlier, distant from us by 2.545 light years. Lives on the territory of the Dragon.

It is believed that other systems will provide more opportunities for the emergence of life, because in Kepler-90 worlds are too close to the star. The Kepler-90i temperature rises to 800 degrees Fahrenheit (as in Mercury). The outermost planet is Kepler-90h. It is a gas giant the size of Jupiter and the orbital period of 331.6 days. It seems that this is a smaller version of our system. Involving a special program in research is an important step. The fact is that a 4-year telescope data set has 2 quadrillions of possible planetary orbits. Automatic tests or human eyes are usually used to test the most promising signals. But weak signals are often overlooked.

The created neural network is able to identify transit worlds in a set of 15,000 previously verified signals in the catalog. Then she learned to create a model of the found world.

Kepler-90 was found in 2013 as the first system of 7 planets recorded by the Kepler telescope. The 8th planet was so weak that it was noticed only now. But this is not the only case. In Kepler-80 also missed the 6th planet with a terrestrial size.

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