NASA must create a US strategy for the ISS after 2024

NASA must create a US strategy for the ISS after 2024

In 2011, NASA representatives made significant progress with respect to the overall priorities of space science. But now the agency should raise the priority of scientific research aimed at eliminating risks in human space travel. This is especially important if we recall that the ISS ends its service life after 2024.

A 2011 study found that NASA achieved tremendous results in studying microgravity and increasing the budget in the field of space science. But it is important now to develop a plan of operation after the station fails.

The survey shows that in the exploration of space, NASA directs most of the resources for the exploration of Mars. The agency is also developing the next intelligence tool - Deep Space Gateway, which will be erected in the lunar orbit. The Committee believes that long-term stay in space and the study of the physical state in microgravity are important for the exploration of deep space. The importance of the ISS is always in the first place, because it is an international station that allows you to conduct experiments directly in space. In addition, in recent years, its capabilities have grown significantly, and it provides the wider scientific community with a more extensive range of instruments and tools in microgravity conditions.

The report indicates that NASA should maximize the use of existing station resources in order to realize the goals set in 2011, as well as develop a plan for space exploration after 2024.

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