High-speed cameras recorded a failure to start MOMO-2

High-speed cameras recorded a failure to start MOMO-2

A Japanese IST startup showed a high-speed video of the unsuccessful launch of the MOMO-2 rocket on 30 June. New shots show failure in unprecedented detail.

The 10-meter MOMO-2 fell to the ground and exploded after launching from a test site near the city of Taiki (Hokkaido). A new high-quality video recorded by several cameras shows the launch at a speed of 1000 frames per second.

The FASTCAM cameras were installed in two positions on the launch pad to capture the entire launch sequence from the top and bottom corners. Unexpected fire arising from the injector, clearly visible when shooting. The exact cause of the failure is still being sought, so new frames will be helpful in determining what caused the malfunction. While still relevant version with a side jet engine.

High-speed video MOMO-2 (from high) Now IST is conducting experiments to recreate the malfunction. Later, they plan to upload telemetry and other data to GitHub to share information about the investigation into the causes.

The history of IST begins in 1997, when a group of space enthusiasts created an amateur organization with the goal of developing a compact and convenient rocket, as well as creating a prototype engine for launching a launch vehicle. The company plans to be the first in Japan to send a rocket into space.

High speed MOMO-2 video (bottom)

The MOMO-2 launch vehicle was the second IST test mission, which ended in failure. The first (MOMO-1) started in July 2017, but the connection with it broke off after a minute. Two failures do not stop the company preparing for the third mission - MOMO-3. The exact launch date is not called yet, but they say that there are only a few months left to wait.

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