Signal from lost device Opportunity or error?

Signal from lost device Opportunity or error?

The area is just above the Valley of Perseverance, which is located on the edge of the 22 km crater Endeavor. Photo got the NASA Opportunity rover in June 2017. He stopped giving signals from June 10, 2018, when he was a prisoner of a dust storm.

No, NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity has not yet recovered and continues to hide on Mars. On November 15, discussions began on the social network Twitter that the NASA DSN listening system may have been able to catch the signals from Opportunity. That would be really big news, because the spacecraft does not respond to the calls of the Earth since June 10. The problem was a massive dust storm on Mars, which obscured the sunlight for the rover's batteries and deprived it of power and its ability to recharge.

A detailed analysis showed that the signals did not belong to the Opportunity. Representatives of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory explained that test data or false positives could make everything look as if the spacecraft was active. Rover continues to be silent, but work on the restoration of communication continues.

The team regularly sends a signal to the Opportunity Rover and monitors the space for an answer. This campaign will continue without fail until at least January. Scientists hope that the problem lies in dusty solar panels. If this is the case, then strong enough winds will clean the batteries and open the way to recharging from sunlight. Right now, the active season of the winds begins on the edge of the crater Endeavor, where Opportunity is silent. Dust storm took global scope June 20. But a month later, it began to decline, and by mid-September, the sky over the crater cleared. Therefore, the mission overseers have begun a period of active listening.

Rover Opportunity landed on Mars in January 2004, a few weeks after the descent of the Spirit apparatus on another part of the Red Planet. Opportunity was supposed to hunt for signs that liquid water flowed over the Martian surface in the ancient past (both devices coped with the task). It was originally planned that the devices will work for 3 months, but the Spirit stopped responding in 2010, and Opportunity stretched before the onset of this dust storm.

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