In SpaceX, the dismissal of workers is coming

In SpaceX, the dismissal of workers is coming

SpaceX fires 10% of working staff to focus resources on new launch vehicle and satellite projects

The private space company SpaceX decided to reduce the number of workers by 10% in order to concentrate all resources on creating the next generation launch system and improve the launching of constellations of satellites.

In a statement issued on January 11, the company confirmed that it is laying off part of the workforce. This is the first large-scale staff reduction since the company was founded in 2002. Although in 2014 there was also a chain of layoffs caused by the desire to improve efficiency.

The statement said: “In order to guarantee successful missions for our customers and succeed in the development of interplanetary spacecraft and the global space Internet, SpaceX should become a more compact company. Such ambitions can bankrupt any company, and therefore have to part with some talented and hardworking employees. We are grateful for their contribution and commitment to common goals. ” The statement did not disclose the full amount of layoffs, but it is estimated that it will reach 10%. That is, about 600 employees will lose jobs. This is not about short-term financial problems, but SpaceX’s desire to reallocate resources to achieve its goals.

The company has recently attracted funding in the amount of $ 500 million, so now it is estimated at $ 30 billion. However, it will take several billion dollars to launch satellite missions. Back in September, Ilon Musk calculated that the new launch system would cost $ 2-10 billion, so they see a logical solution in layoffs.

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