Mission New Horizons will be imprinted on the mark

Mission New Horizons will be imprinted on the mark

The US Postal Service has released sketches for its stamps for 2016 and one project rightfully has the largest space history of 2015 — NASA’s New Horizons to Pluto mission.

In 2006, when the spacecraft was focused on its nearly ten-year odyssey to the outer part of the solar system, lead researcher Alan Stern was confident that the mission could reveal the secrets of the former planet.

Indeed, Pluto was the last “classic” planet of the Solar System, which was not studied, but everything changed on July 14, 2015, when the New Horizons mission flew through the Pluto system, revealing an amazing dwarf planet. Pluto has become the most exciting, mysterious and impressive world, proving that the frozen outer planets are extremely dynamic. And at this revolutionary moment for planetary science comes the stamp USPS - United States Postal Service (United States Postal Service, abbreviated - USPS) in memory of the NASA mission.

"The New Horizons project is proud to have received such an important honor from the US Postal Service," Stern said in a press release for USPS. "Now that New Horizons has already reached its goal, there is a wonderful feeling that these brands will join others on planet exploration."

The stamp will feature an artistic image of a spacecraft and the familiar composite image of Pluto, made by the New Horizons camera.

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