Possible first exolun

Possible first exolun

Scientists from Columbia University claim that they could get the first evidence of exolun.

We are talking about satellites making turns around exoplanets. We managed to find a lot of satellites inside the Solar System and beyond its line, but no one has yet seen a particular species. But things can change if the team proves its guess. In this case, it is Kepler-1625.

Exoplanets are found by a stellar eclipse when the planet passes between a distant star and us. Scientists say that the satellite should show up the same way, reflected in the light caused by the lunar transit. Researchers managed to record three events. The system is removed for 4000 light years, that is, its light is too dim.

Nakhodka going to check in the observations of the Hubble Space Telescope. Now the team is developing ideas about exolun. They must exceed our size, and also be formed later.

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