New large glenn rocket updated design

New large glenn rocket updated design

The picture shows a large New Glenn rocket under development, launching to Earth orbit.

The American company Blue Origin has presented the latest updates of the big rocket New Glenn, whose debut is scheduled for 2021. On January 16, a company led by Jeff Bezos (founder of released a 2-minute animation. It shows the main points of a typical mission for a two-stage heavy rocket, including the landing of the first stage on a ship at sea. This maneuver has become a cult thanks to the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

There are several differences between the new version and the 2017 presentation. For example, in the old version, the payload of the payload was shaped like a bullet and pulled out by 5.4 m. Now the size has increased to 7 m with a traditional snub-nosed view.

In addition, now six landing legs of the first stage are slightly differently deployed. They resemble the design of the Falcon 9 instead of the model where the legs slid down. Visible and external changes. The livery of the rocket is painted in black and white with less blue highlights and a smaller version of the Blue Origin symbol. The New Glenn rocket was named after NASA astronaut John Glenn, who in February 1962 became the first American to perform an orbital survey of the Earth. The rocket must be large and powerful. At an altitude of 95 meters, it will be able to lift 50 tons of cargo into low Earth orbit. The first stage is designed for at least 25 flights.

If to compare, the two-stage rocket Falcon 9 is pulled to a height of 70 m. It debuted in February 2018 and is capable of transporting 70.3 tons of payload. NASA is now trying to create its own heavy rocket to deliver astronauts to the moon, mars and other remote locations. The SLS system should be the most powerful ever created, surpassing the famous Saturn-5. Its first flight is scheduled for June 2020.

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