The first mentions of “men in black” appeared in 1940. Rumors and an incident on the island of Mauri

The first mentions of “men in black” appeared in 1940. Rumors and an incident on the island of Mauri

Puget Bay in Washington State, where a man saw the arrival of flying saucers.

The film “Men in Black” with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones appeared in 1997 and was immediately loved by the audience for an interesting plot, animation and humor. But are there real people in black and how do they act?

Recall that people in black are called employees of a secret agency (MIB). They look after the activities of about 1,500 newcomers living on Earth, cooperate with alien guests and make sure that people never know about the extraterrestrial presence. Come on, you remember how they erase the memory with a special device.

All this applies to the film. And what is the reality? It turns out that the very concept of “people in black” appeared much earlier. Back in June 27, 1947, Puget Bay off the east coast of Mauri Island, Washington. Harold Dahl and his son collected logs. Near the dog ran. It was a very typical day.

But that all changed when Dahl spotted 6 flying donut-shaped objects. Soon one of them fell nearby and crashed. A collision with the surface caused a rain of metal fragments that wounded his son and killed the dog. Dahl managed to photograph the place of the fall and show Fred Chrisman, who later himself will go to the location.

The next morning, two men in black suits appeared in Dahl’s house. They asked him in detail about what had happened and urged him not to talk about the incident anymore, otherwise “unpleasant things will happen in his life.” All this we learn from the book of Gray Barker - a writer who became famous for his stories about UFOs.

The first mentions of “men in black” appeared in 1940. Rumors and an incident on the island of Mauri

Gray Barker's book cover “They knew too much about flying saucers”

Since then, the pages of books and various media have spread the idea of ​​the existence of a secret organization, whose employees make sure that ordinary people never know about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and other mysterious phenomena. The standard description includes men in black suits, sunglasses, hats, arriving on dark cars in groups of 2-3 people.

The clearing idea gained more supporters after further incidents. Three days before the incident on the coast, pilot Kenneth Arnold recorded 9 strange flying objects (June 24, 1947).

The editors, who turned to Dahl and Chrisman to sell the story, decided to consult with Arnold. He sent to the place of two officers from the army intelligence, who investigated the incident.

The first mentions of “men in black” appeared in 1940. Rumors and an incident on the island of Mauri

Kenneth Arnold (center) looks at a photo of a flying object fixed by him during the flight. Next to him are pilots EJ. Smith and Ralph E. Stevens.

The officers arrived at the scene, questioned the witnesses, collected evidence, took a photograph taken by Dal, and flew away. But it all ended with the fact that their plane crashed, killing officers and destroying all the evidence. This event further sparked the interest of conspiracy theorists.

However, the story of the island Mauri nevertheless gained popularity thanks to Barker's book, The Case of Mauri Island, published in 1956. In the book, the author described another case with people in black. In 1953, three mysterious men arrived at the young UFO search enthusiast Albert Bender. They looked menacing and strongly recommended the guy throw his “alien hobby”. Bender later said that they talked about UFOs as a serious topic, as if they knew that these objects existed.

In 1962, Albert Bender also published a book where he described people in black more horrifying:

They swam up to me, hovering a foot from the floor ... They reminded the clergy, but in hats that obscured their faces. Suddenly, the eyes of all three lit up like light bulbs ... It seemed that they looked into my soul and it made me incredibly painful ”.

Barker also continued to publish books about UFOs, paranormal phenomena and people in black. Very quickly, the idea of ​​the existence of a secret organization for hiding aliens became popular. Add also the further influence of the popular movie of the same name. But does such an organization exist in reality? It is not yet possible to prove, because if someone saw the agents, they could erase the memory (hello to cinema agents Jay and Kay).

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