In 2021, Russia plans to send space tourists to the ISS

In 2021, Russia plans to send space tourists to the ISS

The Russian Space Agency Roscosmos signed an agreement with Space Adventures, the US space travel company, on the flight of two passengers to the ISS in 2021. Unlike previous launches, the two tourists will go together. Representatives of the agency reported this on February 19.

The mission will be the first tourist flight to the orbital station for the last 12 years after the flight of Guy Laliberte in 2009. For the organization of the service he had to pay $ 35 million (11 days).

For the past 18 years, space tourism has been open only to super-rich representatives visiting the International Space Station. This is not a joke, because the price tags of flights amounted to tens of millions of dollars. The company also organizes weightless flights on airplanes, launch tours and other space experiments.

The first space tourist in 2001 was Dennis Tito, who paid $ 20 million in space adventure a week. In 2002, he was followed by South African entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth, who gave about the same amount in 8 days in orbit. In 2005, the American entrepreneur Greg Olsen spent 9 days for $ 20 million. And in 2006, the first woman tourist in space, Anoushe Ansari, appeared. Spent 12 days in orbit, but there is no data about payment.

In 2007, Charles Simonyi joined the flight club, who paid $ 25 million in 13 days. He liked it so much that he flew again in 2009, but gave up $ 35 million. Moreover, he even bought a Soyuz capsule, in which he flew, and presented it to the museum. Programmer Richard Garriot visited the ISS in 2008, giving 30 million in 12 days.

Roskosmos is still not specifying the approximate prices for a flight to Soyuz-2021. There is no information from Space Adventures either.

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