The sun is responsible for the moratorium on communication with Mars

The sun is responsible for the moratorium on communication with Mars

This chart shows the position of Mars, the Earth and the Sun over a period spanning every 26 months. At this point, the Red Planet turns out to be behind the star, which threatens to damage the broadcast

This month, the movement of the planets will force Mars to hide behind the Sun, which will cause problems with communication. NASA will refrain from sending commands to three orbiters and two mars rovers from July 22 to August 1.

Due to the position of the planet, communication is expected to deteriorate, so the team does not risk contacting equipment, otherwise problems may arise. Information from Mars will continue to flow to Earth, but it is believed that some will be lost, so it will be re-launched already in stable working conditions.

It is known that the Red Planet every 26 months passes behind the Sun - the Mars solar junction. If you have eye protection, you can watch a total solar eclipse on August 21. At this point, the solar corona will be available for review. The moratorium will take effect on July 22. Vehicles will remain active and continue to carry out the previously specified commands. Now scientists are making amendments to select the most favorable places to study during the Martian passage behind the star.

NASA already has solar connection experience. For Mars Odyssey it will be the 8th period, for Opportunity - the 7th period, for the MRO - the 6th period, the 3rd for Curiosity and the 2nd for MAVEN. Therefore, researchers know what to prepare for.

In the video you can see the geometry of the event:

NASA is preparing 5 missions to launch in the 2018 and 2020s to perform robotic exploration of Mars before sending people in the 2030s.

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