Safety Assessment of Toys

Safety Assessment of Toys

Of the entire range of products for children, our citizens are most often concerned about the safety and quality of toys. According to Rospotrebnadzor, most of the toys are removed from circulation due to exceeding the permissible content of phenol, formaldehyde and toxicity index, as well as the volume level. Such products are a potential danger to the physical, psychological, and often - the moral health of children. Harmful toys are most often products from China.

When buying a toy you should smell it and check the marking. If there is a smell, or there is no marking on the product or the label does not meet the requirements, a document confirming its safety should be requested from the seller. Such a document is a certificate that is issued to the manufacturer after researching the properties of toys in the testing laboratory.

What is Technical Regulations

In countries - members of the Customs Union certification of toys is carried out in accordance with the standards set out in the Technical Regulations 008/2011. The basis of this document is a significant number of objective criteria by which the degree of safety of the product is assessed. Materials used in manufacturing are investigated, electrical and physico-mechanical characteristics of the construction of toys, as well as packaging are determined. In addition, it defines the standards of sanitary-hygienic, chemical and fire safety. Based on the results of research, compliance with safety standards is determined, with a positive assessment, an appropriate certificate is issued.

Innovations that are being introduced in the production of children's toys bring with them new technologies and materials, and assembly and molding works are increasingly performed by robotized complexes. Therefore, today a great deal of work is being done to develop new safety standards, not only for children's toys, but also for other categories of goods for children. It is assumed that the manufacturer will have to carry out the examination, and check the certificate according to the regulations of the Customs Union will oblige trade organizations. In the new standards there will be a ban on story toys related to violence, provoking aggressiveness and immoral behavior, as well as stimulating undue interest in sexual relationships.

According to experts, Russian toys are safe for the child’s psyche, unlike foreign products, which are often full of dubious images that cause aggression and fear.

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