Second launch of Ariane-5 in 2018

Second launch of Ariane-5 in 2018

The Ariane-5 rocket delivered the DSN-1 / Superbird-8 and Hylas-4 communications satellites to their planned orbital points. The start was held on April 5 from the European cosmodrome in Kourou (French Guiana). The mission lasted 33 minutes.

Mass launch DSN-1 / Superbird-8 is 5348 kg. He was moved to position for release 25 minutes after launch. A 4050-pound Hylas-4 - in 33 minutes.

The first satellite is operated by Sky Perfect JSAT and must provide communications services for the Japanese population. Expected operational life is over 15 years.

Hylas-4 should also last 15 years. Avanti is responsible for its management, and broadband services will affect Africa and Europe.

It is important to note that the flight of the VA242 became the 98th mission for the Ariane-5 rocket.

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