Leak at the orbital station. What about the crew?

Leak at the orbital station. What about the crew?

On August 30, the crew of the ISS repaired a small leak. Most likely, it was caused by a collision with a small meteorite. This was announced by the head of the Russian space agency and added that the incident was not dangerous.

An abnormal situation occurred in the morning - a drop in pressure and an oxygen leak at the station. It was succeeded to reveal the microdestruction created by damage outside. Design engineers believe that this is the result of a “collision” with a micrometeorite.

It is reported that the “crack” was found on the Soyuz spacecraft, which delivered astronauts to the ISS in June for a 6-month mission and now docked with the station. The crack is fixed from the inside. NASA confirmed the problem, stating that the crew did an excellent job with the repairs.

Now there are 6 people on board, including three Americans, one German and two Russians.

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