The map displays mysterious high-speed gas

The map displays mysterious high-speed gas

A scientist from Australia has created the most detailed map of high-speed gas clouds in space. The map displays the entire sky and shows amazing clots of neutral hydrogen gas, whose speed of movement differs from that of the Milky Way.

It was formed by Tobias Westmeier of the University of Western Australia. The map suggests that about 13% of the sky is covered by high-speed clouds. They move away or away from us with an acceleration of several hundred km / s.

Westmeier created a map based on a picture of the sky, disguising a gas that moves at a galactic speed to highlight the one that is different. He managed to show previously unnoticed threads, branches and clusters in the clouds. For the review, we used the HI4PI data - a full sky survey released at the end of 2016. It took into account the observations of the CSIRO instrument and the 100-meter Effelsberg radio telescope.

Scientists have already put forward several hypotheses regarding the origin of the mysterious clouds. One of the long gas lines is the Magellan stream, because it is associated with the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. But the origin of the rest is a mystery.

The researchers only report that the clouds are close to our galaxy - 30,000 light years from the disk. That is, this gas can fall into the Milky Way or leave it. The map will be available to scientists from around the world.

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