Chandra Observatory should return to work next week.

Chandra Observatory should return to work next week.

The artistic vision of the Chandra X-ray Observatory, launched into Earth orbit in 1999. On October 10, the space telescope entered safe mode due to a gyroscope problem, but should soon return to action.

NASA's space telescope should be back to work next week. The Chandra X-ray Observatory has been observing the high-energy sky since 1999. Agency representatives say that the problem that caused the telescope to go into safe mode is almost solved.

The team completed testing and simulation of the procedures and firmware updates that were put into the new gyro configuration. Switched the gyroscopes (transition to backup) October 19, followed by a period of data collection maneuver to check and calibrate the new configuration to the resumption of observations of science. Chandra is one of the four NASA space telescopes that launched into Earth orbit in 1990-2003. in the framework of the “Big Observatory” program. Hubble and Spitzer are still active, but the Compton gamma observatory was deliberately destroyed in 2000 after a gyroscope breakdown.

October 5, Hubble went into safe mode because of problems with the gyroscope. But he has six of them, where only three are needed for full functionality. Unfortunately, the three Hubble gyros are already faulty and the one that the team was counting on is not responding yet. However, NASA is confident that Hubble will soon resume work even with one gyroscope (the other will remain as a reserve).

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